Reinauer Corporate Profile

Reinauer Transportation Companies, LLC (RTC) has entered the new century as a nationally recognized maritime leader in petroleum & chemical transportation. They trade in the waters of US Atlantic Coast from the Maine/Canadian border southward to the Caribbean and along the Gulf of Mexico coastline. RTC is headquartered in Staten Island, New York with division offices in East Boston, Massachusetts. The company operates its marine transportation and related businesses 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

RTC was established in 1923 by the patriarch of the family, Bert Reinauer. Shortly after launching his operations, he was quickly confronted with, and successfully weathered, the rough waters of the Depression. The company grew during the war years as new customers’ needs dictated an ever growing fleet. RTC continued that trend during the post WWII years and through the last several decades.

In the 1990s, the company demonstrated that it could adapt to stringent regulatory changes as imposed by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90). This adaptation was highlighted by the complete revamping of the RTC fleet by moving forward with innovative double-hulled vessel designs. These innovations manifested themselves in the form of Articulated Tug and Barge (ATB) units. RTC’s fleet of over 30 double-hulled liquid cargo barges combines for an aggregate cargo capacity in excess of 2.5 million barrels for petroleum and chemical transportation. Furthermore, major investments were made in a state-of-the-art operations and tracking system which enables customers to access and query product movements online. This software program tracks the progress of their cargo’s specific voyages and their account histories.

In an effort to expand its operations and capitalize on strategic relationships cultivated in the broader maritime industry, RTC made several acquisitions and enhancements to its businesses. One of the company’s moves included the purchase of SENESCO Marine in 2006. SENESCO is a full service shipyard specializing in new construction; vessel overhaul & vessel repair and is located in the Narragansett Bay at North Kingstown, Rhode Island. This acquisition has enabled the company to build an entirely new fleet of articulated double hulled barges and a new class of tugs. SENESCO Marine LLC is the premier Northeast builder of double-hulled barges, tugboats, and a myriad of other purpose-built industrial vessels. The SENESCO shipbuilding operation provides its customers with on-time delivery and unmatched quality and workmanship through its highly-skilled employees. This same commitment to quality and on-time delivery carries through to the SENESCO Repair Division, which offers vessel repair work and dry dock services just down the road from the shipbuilding yard facility.

Another key element of RTC’s operations is Boston Towing & Transportation. Counted as the largest New England-based marine transportation company, BTT is recognized for its ship docking and general and specialized towing services. BTT is complimented by its Marine Services Division (MSD). The MSD offers bunkering services to vessels calling on the Port of Boston, and expanded services including: marine lubricants, filters, fresh water, on site waste oil and waste water removal and many other related vessel services.

In the 1980s, RTC recognized the value of marine infrastructure construction as it related to its maritime businesses. RTC opened a marine construction division in 1986 to address that area of need. The marine construction division, named Reinauer Marine Construction (RMC), developed a strong customer base while tending to the waterfront facility needs of the parent company, RTC. As it grew in size and scope, RMC was converted into an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary and renamed Reicon Group LLC (Reicon) in 1998. Based in New York and capable of a wide range of marine construction projects, Reicon expanded operations from NY Harbor to the waters of northern and southern NJ, the western Long Island Sound (CT & Long Island proper) and the upper Hudson River. This endeavor was followed by the creation of BTT Marine Construction (BTTMC) in East Boston, Massachusetts. BTTMC operates from East Boston and services the needs of waterfront users from Eastern Connecticut northward to the Canadian border.

RTC rightfully takes pride in the company’s business accomplishments and its position in the maritime industry. However, RTC understands that the success of any venture relies entirely upon the quality and dedication of the employees, who are entrusted with the operation of the company’s holdings. This company has been fortunate to recruit and retain the finest staff of professionals in the marine business. Furthermore, the paramount need for employee and environmental safety and the never ending goal to provide a safe working environment for all has recently been recognized by an important figure in the US maritime industry:

In August of 2010, USCG Rear Admiral Neptun wrote, “Through unparalleled initiative, Reinauer Transportation has demonstrated that it is an industry leader in safety and compliance.”

Reinauer Transportation Companies will continue to focus on maintaining such industry leadership in safety, compliance and all other elements of its transportation, shipbuilding and maritime infrastructure construction through innovation and an ongoing commitment to our customers and employees in the years to come.