Marine Operations

The Bargeport is the largest private berthing facility for tugs and barges in New York Harbor and one of the largest on the East Coast.  We are proud to be the home to over 200 of New York’s finest tugs, barges, and workboats.  In addition to the two owner-operators, Reinauer and Hughes, the Bargeport is home to several marine tenants, including an aggregate barge company, a marine heavy lift company, and antother tugboat company.

The vessels that homeport in Erie Basin play an integral role in every major marine construction and transportation application in the Harbor and beyond.  The deck and aggregate barges are used for bridge construction and maintenance projects, ferry landings, bulkhead rehabilitation, dredging projects, piers, tunnels, and the like.  The oil barges and tugs transport crude oil, home heating oil, and other fuel oils to points throughout the Northeast.

All vessels operate efficiently and under best practices of environmental stewardship.  Barges and tugs keep trucks off of New York City roads and provide essential services to every industry.

Depending on availability, we sometimes have space for short- or long-term marine tenants.  Please contact us for more details.