Hughes Marine Corporate Profile

Hughes Marine LogoHughes Marine Firms is a family owned organization, which has been in business since 1894. Hughes is an affiliated group of marine transportation, tug and barge rental, and property management companies based in Edison, NJ. The company is currently run by Bill, Joe and Bob Hughes, who each have more than 30 years of experience in barge operations in New York Harbor. They are backed up by Brian Hughes and Tim Hughes., the 6th generation in the business, who have been active with the companies for over 8 years each. Hughes Marine owns a fleet of over 80 deck barges, 3 tugs, and one drydock, all home-ported at Erie Basin Bargeport.

The core of the business is chartering barges to marine contractors for marine infrastructure projects. Hughes Marine has been involved in nearly every major marine project in the Northeast United States over the past century. Our principal area of operation is New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. However, we consistently operate from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico. Hughes also moves oversize and overweight project cargo by tug and barge through its marine transportation division.

The newest pillar of the Hughes Marine business is the addition of a drydock and shipyard operation, based in Erie Basin. Hughes bought a drydock in 2007 and has kept it busy hauling deck barges for repairs and maintenance ever since.

Hughes Marine is a member of the American Waterways Operators and participates in their third party safety management system called the Responsible Carrier Program. All aspects of the company’s vessel operations are recorded and guided by their Responsible Carrier document. Safety procedures include an annual internal audit of the system and verification of compliance by completion of an audit by a certified outside third party auditor every three years. The system involves operations, recordkeeping, safety meetings, vessel maintenance and corporate management. Brian Hughes is responsible for safety and risk management at Hughes.

Hughes Marine is also a member of the Tug and Barge Committee of the Maritime Association of the Port of New York. The 20 members of the Committee are all tug and barge operators in the Port of New York. The committee has a paid staff member who focuses on local tug and barge issues, regulations and operations. Bob Hughes was the Chairman of the Committee until 2010.

It is our ability to adapt to the ever-changing maritime industry that has enabled us to be an industry leader for so long. We work hard to ensure that our customers are satisfied at every level of their projects.

At Hughes Marine, our employees are our greatest strength. We are committed to providing a work environment that fosters customer service, self-reliance, communication, trust, respect, and safety. We encourage, and require, our employees to perform in a safe, ethical, and environmentally responsible manner. To ensure that we remain an industry leader, we continually train our employees in every aspect: new industry practices, adaptation of the latest technologies, management and leadership techniques, and, most importantly, safety. Because our employees are continually trained, they consistently bring new and innovative ideas to the workplace that enable Hughes to remain on the cutting edge of industry practices.

In order to best serve our customers, we maintain and operate our floating equipment so that it will perform without incident in all potential weather and with all potential cargoes. We will not allow our equipment to be used in any manner which is not safe or environmentally responsible. We maintain and operate our equipment and property under our care so that it is a credit to the owners, employees, tenants, and the community.

Our New Build Program ensures that our fleet is modern and best able to serve the demands of the marine community in the twenty-first century. When building our new barges, we compromise absolutely nothing in terms of quality, design, strength, and performance. We have custom built barges for major projects in the past and are willing to consider any type of proposal from our current or potential customers.

We take pride in our uncompromising business practices. We strive to be fair, ethical, and honest to all of our customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, and other business associates. We price our services in a fair manner, which will be as competitive as possible while providing a reasonable return for the stockholders.