Facts & Figures

The maritime tenants of the Erie Basin Bargeport play an essential role in the New York City economy:


4,000 lineal feet of modern pier space
30 acres of land
56 acres of water
200,000 square feet of modern warehouse space
24/7 guarded security with camera system
Environmentally friendly


Homeport to over 200 tugs, barges, and other working vessels

The average barge carries the equivalent of 75 trucks, meaning that tugs and barges in NY Harbor keep more than 2,000 trucks a day off our highways and roads – avoiding roadway wear and tear, repair expenses, diesel pollution, and congestion.

The products the vessels carry – heating oil, sand and gravel, dredge spoils, bridge maintenance equipment, and much more – are vital to the economic and environmental health of the City.

Some of the products our tenants carry, like dredge spoils and bridge maintenance equipment, can only travel by barge.

Since purchasing the Bargeport in 1992, we have consistently made capital improvements to the property and the infrastructure to ensure that Erie Basin remains a quality marine facility to accommodate us and our tenants.